Mountain of Tooth: How to Keep Your Smile Young and Fresh

Oct 01, 2023
Restorative and cosmetic dental care. An older patient smiling at a handheld mirror.
University Place Smiles, a Tacoma, WA dentist, focuses on preventative care.

Your teeth are incredibly strong. They are made of 98% solid minerals, which makes them even stronger than your bones! They can withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure.

Still, your teeth are not indestructible. Teeth will wear and tear over time. Think about it, you're using your teeth every day.

You are Biting, grinding, and chewing on things like meat, vegetables, and gum, that’s a lot of gnawing over time. Not to mention the acidity the surface level of your tooth is exposed to on a daily basis which can disolve the protective enamel over time.

With weak enamel, you are more prone to getting cracks or breaks on the surface leaving you vulnerable to more serious problems like irritation, inflammation, or even infections.

These issues can arise at any age but more so as time goes by and one gets older. Although the natural attrition of the tooth surface may be inevitable you can help by consistently performing the pillars of cavity prevention:

  • Brushing
  • Flossing
  • Regular cleanings at the dentist

Although your teeth may seem indestructible, they are not, but they will function properly for a lot longer if you continuously take care of them.

At University Place Smiles in Tacoma, WA we first focus on preventive care, meaning we want to make sure that your teeth remain healthy to avoid infections that can lead to major and costly treatments.